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might as well be your godforsaken illusionist
30 June 2012 @ 02:35 pm

About damn time I try to organize my blogcrews and stamps. XD My profile's all cramped up and cannot accommodate these anymore so--

raise the curtainsCollapse )
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might as well be your godforsaken illusionist
07 June 2010 @ 11:27 pm




I'll wish for a good start. ;A;

I-I'm sorry for the unannounced sort-of hiatus guys-- or something. /will read through posts tomorrow


might as well be your godforsaken illusionist

I need some proper medication or something. I've pretty much neglected myself this summer. I'm being too reckless here and I just laze around all day. I tried reading the Biology book but lmao I think that isn't quite healthy, you see. Or maybe it is. I just don't have enough motivation. Anyway, I'm constantly on the lookout for animanga nowadays so... I don't know what to do anymore.

And now I shall spread the gay. Or something. IT WAS BEGGING TO BE POSTED and it pretty much broke my brain.

I've read Sengoku Basara 3 - Roar of Dragon in Mangafox a-and it reeks of manry-- gay, seriously.

Or maybe it's just me, but in my defense who WOULDN'T consider the following lines.Collapse )
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might as well be your godforsaken illusionist
23 March 2010 @ 11:58 am
I've finally finished watching Sengoku Basara today and lol. AWESOME EXPERIENCE. o/ The opening theme was asdfghjkl; cool beyond words. And yes I ship Masamune/Yukimura.

Come now, season 2.


The latest chapter of Pandora Hearts is asdfghjkl;

Elliot is such a tsundere. XD His 'I want to judge things in my own eyes' is strangely moving. I-I'm shallow like that okay. And what Alice did to him was something unpredictable.  They make a good major tsundere pairing. XD And I ship them. Sort of.


Meme time. I'm all for.

Give me one character (or more!) and I will tell you:
1. OTP for them.
2. Runner-up pairing.
3. Honorable mention(s).
4. Crack pairing(s).
5. Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.
might as well be your godforsaken illusionist
13 March 2010 @ 10:56 pm

I just realized this entry was private-locked... or something. So anyway it's opened now. G-Get your claim? orz;;


I just finished reading Penguin Revolution a-and I think Ryou is my favorite shoujo-manga character now. He's simply... sparkly and I'm almost always in awe whenever he smiles and aaah... idk anymore. Just. So. Beat that Edward.

It's my favorite gender-bender series now-- although the only other series I've, um, watched under the same genre is Ouran. OTL So that means I'm in no position to judge, but anyway I think it was an awesome read~!

might as well be your godforsaken illusionist
11 March 2010 @ 08:11 pm

My friends and I just watched Alice in Wonderland today. It wasn't exactly what I've imagined it to be-- maybe I set my standards too high for this movie. But still, it sure was a blast. o/


I SHIP MAD HATTER/ALICE NOW OKAY. Call me mad or whatever but fff. >=/

It's odd, really, because I seldom feel the right tinge over... possible pairings in movies. I mean, it's like 'okay the screen's showing a damn french kiss can't you even feel the chemistry, Miles'-- yes, I sort of do, I'm not that numb. But it usually is not the particular chemistry I dig.

Which brings us to the point: why am I shipping this.

Mad Hatter/Alice isn't even canon. but hey, there's subtext but whatever

God am I insane.

might as well be your godforsaken illusionist
06 March 2010 @ 10:36 pm

So I had a dream last night. I can't recall much of the details, except for the fact that I stumbled upon a mansion. And then somehow got myself involved with... a touchy familial matter that concerns the abuse of a long-haired girl.

(fast-forwarding a bit--) When I entered her room, I saw her by the mirror. Her left hand was dangling her severed right hand. No blood. Just.... you know, since the whole backdrop seemed to be all black and white. There's no reflection on the mirror, either, as far as I remember. It truthfully didn't creep me out much but the mirror scene, well, it was positioned the way our very own mirror is. Er... in our room in our grandparents' house.

The dream was so... fucked-up.

I guess.


I just watched Durarara!! episode 9 and holy shit, son, DISTORTED LOVE STORIES. I-I think Shizuo just bagged first place in my fave character list now. *A* And pffft Izaya, why so gay. His swiveling on the chair scene was disturbing and... wrong in so many ways butbut so Izaya-perfect. This show simply gets better and better by each episode. o/